Monday, June 27, 2016

My trip to Liverpool

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Our PROBUS excursion to Liverpool included a cruise on the Mersey and on the way home a meal at the Northop Hall Hotel. in between we had time to enjoy albert Dock. We had a little rain on the cruise, but it was still enjoyable.
I never loose photos when transferring them to the computer, but somehow this time I did manage to lose a couple of good ones. I've been having a lot of problems for the last few weeks as I transferred over from BT to  
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If you follow my blog you will know that I have been interested in John Piper’s art, in particular the Stained Glass Windows and I would have enjoyed visiting the Catholic Cathedral to see the windows. I was taken to see the work in progress when I was young, but I haven’t visited since. it was interesting to read about the cathedral which had been originally planned in 1929 by celebrated architect Sir Edwin Lutyens for the Bishop. But it was going to take 250 years to build and included toilets hidden in the pillars and running holy water. But I think the modern version which was actually built is better.
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I was inspired by this map worked in thick glass. I show a small close-up. SerenTex once had a project using perspex which I missed due to illness having done a lot of research and I feel like having another go. The class was taken by Wendy Cowling whom I taught when she was young.
IMG_2206 I liked the way you could see through these sails.
This getting far too long, but I may post about the trip another time.


Toni said...

Please continue this theme Mags. I was so impressed with both cathedrals when I visited. Might even have photos of the Catholic windows. Interestingly I was thinking of you this week when I came across some photos taken in Chester!

Margaret Roberts said...

Thanks Toni. Pity you are not visiting Chester again!
I love Chester as you know, but go less and less often. When I go it's to visit Amy and Isabella and not the main part.