Monday, July 18, 2016


This bit of fence caught my eye on the way back from Conwy yesterday. I think it's very interesting as I can see a surprised looking owl and I can feel a creative session coming up.
I still haven't quite finished sorting myself out, but I probably need a little break.

I inherited very good quality old chairs with my flat 25 years ago and they were used all that time in the loft where I had all my craft work. Now that I'm crafting more in my 'Office' downstairs I brought the chairs down and bought a cheap cushion for each seat. I decided to use one cushion for the chair back and it's now very comfortable to sit on. I need two more cushions for the second chair now!


Anonymous said...

It also looks a bit like 'The Scream' don't you think?
lie the look of your chairs too. :-) Very comfy.

Heather said...

I love that bit of old fence and your old chairs. They are so much more interesting than modern ones. The cushions look comfortable - I hope you find two more to match.

Margaret Roberts said...

They are more interesting Heather. I'm nor really fussy if they don't match, maybe the same in a different colour might look good?

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