Monday, June 04, 2018

Poppies and Estuary Moods

 Someone mentioned Poppies on Instagram and I remembered playing about with Poppy centers a while back so I went looking for them.

This was the estuary last night.
A couple of days ago it was like this
  It's constantly changing with the tides, the seasons, the weather and even the time of day. This makes it a very interesting place to live. I could sit at the window all day, but I don't. i sit at my computer quite a lot again these days.


Heather said...

I spend too much time on the computer too! I love those poppy designs and the views from your window are just wonderful.

Margaret Roberts said...

Thanks, yes I do have a lovely view. It can be a little noisy at times in the summer when the window is open because of the cars and few trains during the day. But I also have some beautiful birds singing their heads off at this time of year.
If we can'tdo what we enjoy at our age it's come to something Heather. :))